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This is a very simple batch file that pings a host. Just double click to run it, enter the IP or computer name you would like to ping, and it will continuously ping that computer, switch, or device with a text file log. It pings 60 times, then gives a summary, then another 60 and summary, and it keeps going till you stop it. Great if you are going home for the day and want to watch to see if a network or device is dropping at night.

Very useful for determining if you have a bad cable, network traffic, etc.

The log file will automatically output to the same directory you run the script from.

Simply copy this code to a file and name it ping_with_timestamp.bat or whatever you want as long as it ends in .bat or click here to download zipped file containing the script ping_with_timestamp

@echo off
:: Bill Wilson
:: 03-19-2013

setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

set /p ip=”Enter IP or HOSTNAME: ” %=%
set outfilename=”ping_timestamp_%ip%.txt”

echo. ********************************************************
echo ____________________________________________________________ > %outfilename%
echo.>> %outfilename%
echo. Results are logging to %outfilename%
echo. ********************************************************
echo. *** RESTARTING this script will overwrite above file ***
echo. ********************************************************
echo. ** This Window only updates approximately every minute *
echo. ********************************************************

echo. Starting Ping to %ip% %date% at %time% >> %outfilename%
echo ____________________________________________________________ >> %outfilename%
echo.>> %outfilename%
echo.>> %outfilename%

echo working…
echo %date% at %time% >> %outfilename%

ping -n 60 %ip%>> %outfilename%

echo ____________________________________________________________ >> %outfilename%
echo. >> %outfilename%
echo. >> %outfilename%

GOTO pingloop

Sometimes this will happen on refurbished cartridges.

You can usually gain some life from your toner carts by using this procedure, but not always.

<Should work on Brother 5340, 5250, 5450 and other models too>

1. Turn Printer OFF and OPEN the toner door

2. Hold the GO button as you turn on the printer until all lights are ON

3. Keep holding the GO button until status light goes OFF

4. Press the GO button 2 times

5. The Paper, Drum & Toner light will come ON

6. Press the GO button 6 times

7. Status light will turn RED

8. Close the front

Good Job! You are now a CPT (Certified Printer Technician)

A certain Party Store in Oscoda, Michigan has this keeping their coolers cool, I always thought their beer wasn’t quite cold, lol

Click for a larger view.

This is backwoods innovations for you. I wont embarrass them by releasing their name, but contact me if you want to know…

Oscoda Swamp Cooler

Oscoda Swamp Cooler