This is a message directly from Santa to your child, children, wilder-beasts, or what ever you cherish from  This is honestly one of the coolest things I have ever seen in MY LIFE! I would have paid much, much more for this (just don’t tell the the portable north pole company that), and I guess there is even a free version, which is nearly www.portablenorthpole.com_identical (my wife said it is just missing the last part). We paid $3.99 a child, I am dead serious saying I would easily pay $50-$100 dollars for this message, it meant that much to my 4 year old girl Rose, and my 6 year old son Alex and honestly it meant that much and way more to me.


Don’t think for a minute that I make soooo much money that I would pay any outlandish amount either, I struggle like the rest of us, I work in a small, if not the smallest damn town in Michigan, probably barely middle class, I can’t even afford to look up what middle class makes!, and I am the only financial supporter of 3 kids, one grand child, a wife, son-n-law, and seven adorable cats. If “I” can afford this, anyone can!


My wife, Tammie, uploaded the pictures, answered the questions, and made this magical gift for our youngest children, Alex and Rose. She said the first one took her longer, about a half hour, but if you knew my wife you would understand, she likes to check twice, three times, sometimes even four, before submitting, bless her heart… Honestly, I think it would have taken me much longer, she just does not give herself enough credit. She said the next one went much faster. I could not have EVER made something this cool, in hours, or even days on the computer and I have been doing IT for twenty years!   This is so amazing, it is NOT some feeble attempt at just inserting kids name in a different voice like a bad “B” Chinese movie, this is so realistic, so incredible, that this 41 year old, strong, awesome, incredibly handsome, gorgeous, strong (did I say that?) male literally had tears in his eyes NUMEROUS times!


For the record, I am not related or even know who these people are, I am just trying to let people know about a truly awesome experience I had with this company for my family. Visit them now, I am not advertising for them, i get nothing from this post, so either click this link or type the address into a browser, it don’t matter to me.


Merry Christmas to all my friends, family, enemies, cats, dogs, animals, sugar monkeys and any other living being I forgot!


*UPDATE* although this only cost $3.99 cents, I did want to point out that my bank, chose to add an “international Transaction Fee” of 12 cents. This was a little strange to me, I guess the North Pole isn’t in the USA so I can understand the fee, but I did want to let everyone know, and obviously .12 cents would not have changed my decision for this awesome present.