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Not sure if this medication is working or not. I know they say it needs three weeks to get into your system, but I don’t feel any difference. Still seem to fly off the handle too easy. I thought this medication would help. My wife says she notices a change, but I just think it is because I have been working so hard on controlling my anxiety. I will keep taking it though, until I know for sure it has built up fully in my system.

After a bad night, woke up feeling awful. Again I don’t think it is the medication, just wonder if it is doing anything or I am just running into difficult situations right now.

Well today sucked! I wonder how I would handle it if I wasn’t on any medication. Thing is, when my wife is so upset at me, I just can’t handle not going into dark places. This isn’t the normal, didn’t take out the trash crap, she has valid reasons, but it doesn’t make it any easier. I’ve been trying so hard too. Anyways, at work, I did get a lot done and that is important! I need and want to do a good job at work. Besides I think my boss is awesome, I need to provide and would like to keep my job and advance. Everything would be working out if she could just forgive me. I forgave her.

Well, Last night was tough. I know I tend to pick up others emotions fairly easily. So when my wife is upset, I tend to get upset. Plus I don’t want to see her hurting at all, especially when I am the cause of it. I was really short with my kids too. Wondering if the medications working or not.

Well, had a little problem last night with flying off the handle. Which is part of my anxiety. When I start feeling anxious, I rebel, and that’s how it comes out sometimes. I was anxious about all this extra work I had to get done, plus was looking for something I couldn’t find, going through boxes, was very upsetting. I’m not going to say the busbar isn’t working, I just think it needs to continue to build up in my system.

It is Day ten on busbar. I didn’t update for the weekend, so here it is, basically went well. Felt really good on Sunday (day 9). I’m not sure if it was because I accomplished a bunch of things I had been putting off, or if the busbar made it so I could accomplish those things. I am really tired today though, I don’t think is is from the buspirone, I just didn’t sleep well last night. Still no noticeable side effects that I can tell.

Well, 1 week on the Anti Anxiety meds, and I do feel better, I still have some moments, but seems to be getting better each day. I am noticing more and more when I have an "issue", like yelling or just anxious. Cant wait to get to two weeks.[medication]

Busbar Day 6

Day 6 on Busbar is going good. Couldn’t sleep very well last night, but not sure if that was just cause I had a lot on my mind. Cant really blame the medication. Overall, I feel ok, I had a moment earlier while I was talking to a coworker, that I felt like I was going to tear up a little, but I seemed to be able to control it better than recently. We were talking about a friend of his, nothing bad, just the mention of a friend, which would have made me cry before. So far, no side affects that I can tell.

Went to the Doctor 5 days ago and started taking the anti-anxiety medication Buspirone, also known as Busbar. I have been seeing a marriage counselor for about three months now with my wife. When we starting seeing the psychologist she gave us a bunch of tests. Some took hours to take, but the results came back that I had general anxiety. I was really surprised, I never thought I had anxiety at all. The next day I asked a coworker if he thought I showed any signs of anxiety, he didn’t hesitate for a second before saying “yes, most definitely”.

Still in denial, I continued to see the psychologist in hopes I would not need any medication. I couldn’t take it anymore, breaking down in tears, I asked my doctor if he could prescribe something for me. I had to ask my regular doctor since psychologist cant actually prescribe anything, they just can administer the tests. He too, determined I wasn’t depressed, but the anxiety was causing slight depression like symptoms.

Well, here I am, day 5, and I actually think I am feeling better already. I will continue to update this blog with my results or side effects.