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For people that have ran into this problem, you need two files, this is incredibly easy to do, I am mostly posting it here for my own reference since I never see to be able to find this information when I need it lol. Here it is!

.inf files can only run an .exe, so you have to make a executable file that opens the .pdf which in turn the .inf can autorun.Open Notepad and type:


shellexecute = “start.bat”

icon = autorun.ico

Then open Notepad again and type:

then save it as start.bat

(without the brackets)

(If your filename has spaces in it, replace the spaces with an under_score)

I am a huge Microsoft fan, and I have used skydrive for a while. OneDrive is just the new name for skydrive. Personally I prefer the name SkyDrive, but I think they changed it to “re-introduce” the service. The thing is that now you can get free space with it. I like free space :)

First step is following a link and you and myself will each get a 1/2 gig free. Sure it is nothing like my other posts, for example copy, which gives you 5 free gigs “IF” you follow my link, but hey free is free.

So here is the link to Microsofts OneDrive. Might as well follow the link and earn us both some free space…Don’t make the mistake I did and not follow a link…

If you want to look at some other alternatives, my favorite service is dropbox for the quality, but Copy gives you a lot of space, I mean a LOT, I have now over a HUNDRED GIGS for Totally free. It took me about a month to earn that space which I have been using for about half a year, and really I have not had any problems with the service at all, just attached to dropbox since I had them for years (I still use them). Check out this link and you can get free space right away and ONLY if you follow the links from the article. You decide, short read Dropbox Or Copy – the differences exposed…

[tech]I think in my previous articles, Backup up your cell phone in three easy steps and Dropbox or Copy, I might have given people the impression that the Copy was ONLY for backing up your cell phone pics. That is actually just an awesome benefit of the copy service, where it really shines is when you install it on your computer or laptop and use it as a ton of FREE online Cloud storage.

After signing up for the copy service (remember click this link and you get an EXTRA 5 GIGS totally free for a total of 20 GIGS!) Sure, you can (and should) install it on your android or apple phone, but definitely install it on your computer too. It simply creates an extra folder on your computer called “Copy” (imagine that). Then, whatever files or folders you put in that “copy” folder is “mirrored” to the cloud. Now, notice I said “mirrored”, that is very important because if you delete the file from your computer, it deletes it from your copy account online too. So that is why it is NOT a true backup service (no cloud storage used in this way EVER is a backup). Think of it as a duplicate if your computer crashes, but if you delete, rename, or move the file, it will do the same in your cloud storage folder.

Now from any computer connected to the internet, or even your phone, you can browse to that file. Now, if you have it installed on your phone, it will not download a copy of the files to keep it in sync with your cloud storage, which is a good thing since most phones do not have that type of available space but If you install it on your home computer and a laptop, it will download a copy to each computer and keep everything in perfect sync, which is ideal for most of us. Imagine you can now work on a file or edit a photo, rename files, or do whatever on the road and it updates the file on your home computer. No more lost revisions! You can tell it not to do this per folder if you like though, maybe if you have limited space on one of your devices or simply choose not to use this feature.

You should always keep a separate copy of all your important files on another service or external hard drive, that’s the only way to have a true backup, and I recommend at least two other devices. This is a quick way to achieve a partial quick copy though.

Remember if you click the link above or here it will give you an extra 5 Gigs free, I don’t know how long they will have this offer, but why miss out on a total of 20 FREE GIGS! Plus I get 5 Gigs free for referring you, so I certainly appreciate it.

Take care and God Bless.

Yes, FrontPage is not exactly the newest web editor out there, but if you are still using it or maybe you have switched to Expression Web 4 (the updated FrontPage), you would probably still see this same problem.

The problem is when you edit a web page, whether it is .asp, .htm, or .html, outside of FrontPage, maybe you change the code with notepad or notepad++ (like I use), regardless, when you or someone else opens the site in FrontPage, the code on your perfectly formatted page goes whacko. FrontPage throws in some extra <p>, moves code or just rearranges lines. I have finally found the solution, and really want to save myself the frustration of finding this solution again. So I am posting it here for the world to see!

Do a search in your site for the files named the same as your page. For example if your page is called “mynewpage.htm” do a search for “mynewpage.htm” (without the quotes). MAKE SURE to search hidden folders and files. You will see duplicate files that reside in _vit_cnr, _vti_cnf1, or _vti_pvt. Those duplicate files are why FrontPage is “fixing” your code.


1. Make sure FrontPage is closed.
2. Make all your changes to the page with notepad or whatever you use.
3. Save your file.
4. Delete the duplicate files out of the hidden folders
5. Open FrontPage and it will no longer change your code back.

It will still might add all the typical garbage back, but mine didnt.


As a followup to my other post “Dropbox or Copy?” I wanted to show the settings for automatically uploading your pictures to the cloud service Copy (Barracuda Networks).

If you haven’t signed up and installed the app on your phone yet, click here to get your additional 5GB free data for a total of 20GB totally free.

Now after you install the app on your android phone, simply follow the screenshots below to setup automatic uploading. Make sure you verify your email address with the Copy service to get your 5 gigs free!

(you can click images below to see a larger image)

Open Copy App on phone

Open Copy App on phone

Click on Preferences

Click on Preferences

Put a check in each box

Put a check in each box


Dropbox or Copy?

Copy is a relatively new player to the game. Being backed by Barracuda Networks says a lot though. A major player in hardware and security for many moons.

I have been with dropbox for years. I had their free account and switched to the paid version a couple years ago, but I am missing something, oh yeah, that’s right, SPACE! I need more space! I am constantly running up against my 100GB limit, so I have to look into alternatives.

I signed up for Copy today, so far I am very impressed. 15 GB free right off the bat, and I get 5GB free for every referral, and they also get 5GB free. So if you want 20GB free right now, click this secure link and help us both out! If you choose to go directly to Copy and sign up, you still get the 15GB, just not the 20GB

The paid version also gives you 250GB for the same price as dropbox’s 100GB, so stay tuned for future writings on my new adventure with Copy.

DON’T FORGET, you must install the app either on your mobile or desktop,  its quick and easy, but you need to do it to get your free space. I HIGHLY recommend installing it on your cell phone, you can then go into settings and have it auto-upload any new pictures you take on your phone! You have the choice to only allow it to upload when connected to wifi or not. If you are like me and have data limits, you probably want to choose “only on wifi”


Just installed the new Google keyboard for Android on my HTC One. Not sure how they did it, but somehow they managed to make it easier to hit the correct key!

According to Google, here is whats new and cool.

“Google Keyboard makes text input smart and easy. Glide through letters with Gesture Typing – just lift to finish a word, no space bar required. Compose notes on-the-go with Voice Typing. With amazing word recognition and next-word prediction, Google Keyboard helps you type faster and more accurately on all your Android devices.

Key features:
• Gesture Typing with dynamic floating preview
• Voice Typing
• Next-word suggestions and current-word completions
• Dictionaries for 26 languages
• Advanced keyboard layouts
• Works across your Android devices (tablets and phones)”

I have not tried the voice typing yet, because, well that seems silly, kind of like having a phone app on your phone, if I wanted to talk I would just call someone, but that’s just me I guess…

Overall, very pleased, seems very accurate to type now. The install was perfect too. Google simply walks you through 3 simple steps to enable the new keyboard and your done!


Sometimes a task is so easy you don’t need screenshots to describe it. This is one of those tasks! Unfortunately it is always one of those tasks I seem to forget how to do, so I put it on my site to help others and remind myself ;-)

Step 1 > Open Outlook

Step 2 > Click and hold down CTRL+SHIFT+b to open your address book

Step 3 > Click Tools > Options and choose either the Global Address List or your own contact list

That is it, simple but hard to remember.

Occasionally machines will pull the same IP address, DHCP can easily resolve this, but recently I came across two machines that always pulled the same IP address. Since they were on their own VLAN, I moved them to another VLAN to see if that would resolve the issue.  It did not resolve the issue, in fact they now both pulled the same IP again, but this IP was in the new subnet.

After digging into a little bit, I realized they actually both had the same MAC address. These machines were shipped to us from another company, but I was able to obtain the administrator password for one of the machines and found that they had manually configured the MAC addresses to be the same. I change the last digit on the one device and both machine obtained their own IP. So, if you have this situation, simply go into the properties of the NIC and choose configure. It is under the section where you would change flow control, etc.

We called the company, and apparently they did this to get around a licensing issue, still find it hard to believe they would even think that would work.

This is a very simple batch file that pings a host. Just double click to run it, enter the IP or computer name you would like to ping, and it will continuously ping that computer, switch, or device with a text file log. It pings 60 times, then gives a summary, then another 60 and summary, and it keeps going till you stop it. Great if you are going home for the day and want to watch to see if a network or device is dropping at night.

Very useful for determining if you have a bad cable, network traffic, etc.

The log file will automatically output to the same directory you run the script from.

Simply copy this code to a file and name it ping_with_timestamp.bat or whatever you want as long as it ends in .bat or click here to download zipped file containing the script ping_with_timestamp

@echo off
:: Bill Wilson
:: 03-19-2013

setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

set /p ip=”Enter IP or HOSTNAME: ” %=%
set outfilename=”ping_timestamp_%ip%.txt”

echo. ********************************************************
echo ____________________________________________________________ > %outfilename%
echo.>> %outfilename%
echo. Results are logging to %outfilename%
echo. ********************************************************
echo. *** RESTARTING this script will overwrite above file ***
echo. ********************************************************
echo. ** This Window only updates approximately every minute *
echo. ********************************************************

echo. Starting Ping to %ip% %date% at %time% >> %outfilename%
echo ____________________________________________________________ >> %outfilename%
echo.>> %outfilename%
echo.>> %outfilename%

echo working…
echo %date% at %time% >> %outfilename%

ping -n 60 %ip%>> %outfilename%

echo ____________________________________________________________ >> %outfilename%
echo. >> %outfilename%
echo. >> %outfilename%

GOTO pingloop