Copy is a relatively new player to the game. Being backed by Barracuda Networks says a lot though. A major player in hardware and security for many moons.

I have been with dropbox for years. I had their free account and switched to the paid version a couple years ago, but I am missing something, oh yeah, that’s right, SPACE! I need more space! I am constantly running up against my 100GB limit, so I have to look into alternatives.

I signed up for Copy today, so far I am very impressed. 15 GB free right off the bat, and I get 5GB free for every referral, and they also get 5GB free. So if you want 20GB free right now, click this secure link and help us both out! If you choose to go directly to Copy and sign up, you still get the 15GB, just not the 20GB

The paid version also gives you 250GB for the same price as dropbox’s 100GB, so stay tuned for future writings on my new adventure with Copy.

DON’T FORGET, you must install the app either on your mobile or desktop, ┬áits quick and easy, but you need to do it to get your free space. I HIGHLY recommend installing it on your cell phone, you can then go into settings and have it auto-upload any new pictures you take on your phone! You have the choice to only allow it to upload when connected to wifi or not. If you are like me and have data limits, you probably want to choose “only on wifi”


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