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I am a huge Microsoft fan, and I have used skydrive for a while. OneDrive is just the new name for skydrive. Personally I prefer the name SkyDrive, but I think they changed it to “re-introduce” the service. The thing is that now you can get free space with it. I like free space :)

First step is following a link and you and myself will each get a 1/2 gig free. Sure it is nothing like my other posts, for example copy, which gives you 5 free gigs “IF” you follow my link, but hey free is free.

So here is the link to Microsofts OneDrive. Might as well follow the link and earn us both some free space…Don’t make the mistake I did and not follow a link…

If you want to look at some other alternatives, my favorite service is dropbox for the quality, but Copy gives you a lot of space, I mean a LOT, I have now over a HUNDRED GIGS for Totally free. It took me about a month to earn that space which I have been using for about half a year, and really I have not had any problems with the service at all, just attached to dropbox since I had them for years (I still use them). Check out this link and you can get free space right away and ONLY if you follow the links from the article. You decide, short read Dropbox Or Copy – the differences exposed…

As a followup to my other post “Dropbox or Copy?” I wanted to show the settings for automatically uploading your pictures to the cloud service Copy (Barracuda Networks).

If you haven’t signed up and installed the app on your phone yet, click here to get your additional 5GB free data for a total of 20GB totally free.

Now after you install the app on your android phone, simply follow the screenshots below to setup automatic uploading. Make sure you verify your email address with the Copy service to get your 5 gigs free!

(you can click images below to see a larger image)

Open Copy App on phone

Open Copy App on phone

Click on Preferences

Click on Preferences

Put a check in each box

Put a check in each box


Dropbox or Copy?

Copy is a relatively new player to the game. Being backed by Barracuda Networks says a lot though. A major player in hardware and security for many moons.

I have been with dropbox for years. I had their free account and switched to the paid version a couple years ago, but I am missing something, oh yeah, that’s right, SPACE! I need more space! I am constantly running up against my 100GB limit, so I have to look into alternatives.

I signed up for Copy today, so far I am very impressed. 15 GB free right off the bat, and I get 5GB free for every referral, and they also get 5GB free. So if you want 20GB free right now, click this secure link and help us both out! If you choose to go directly to Copy and sign up, you still get the 15GB, just not the 20GB

The paid version also gives you 250GB for the same price as dropbox’s 100GB, so stay tuned for future writings on my new adventure with Copy.

DON’T FORGET, you must install the app either on your mobile or desktop,  its quick and easy, but you need to do it to get your free space. I HIGHLY recommend installing it on your cell phone, you can then go into settings and have it auto-upload any new pictures you take on your phone! You have the choice to only allow it to upload when connected to wifi or not. If you are like me and have data limits, you probably want to choose “only on wifi”


ht-palletOld Pallets are great for projects, burning or even as compost. You should be asking yourself if they are safe to use though. There is a relatively easy way to tell.

All Pallets should have a stamp on them. This stamp Will tell you if the pallet itself has been HT (Heat Treated) or MB (chemically Treated). The stamp will NOT tell you if something was sprayed after its initial use, or if chemicals were stored on it, so keep that in mind.

When treated properly and are in compliance, they will be allowed to display the IPPC certification symbol.

This symbol will include:

  • A two letter ISO country code. For instance, AU for Australia or US for the United States.
  • The 000 portion of the symbol represents the unique certification number issued for AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) to the treatment provider or wood packaging manufacturer. Inclusion of this certification number ensures that the wood packaging material can be traced back to the treatment provider or manufacturer.
  • YY is the treatment abbreviation.
  • HT is the code for (Heat Treated) to a minimum of 56 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • MB is the code for (Methyl Bromide) fumigation.

Inclusion of this symbol will make it easier for your shipments to move easily once they arrive at their destination.

My next project is to hopefully make a Planters box out of some old pallets, but summer is fast approaching. Whether I get to my project or not, make sure you play it safe when using FREE pallets to save money and our planet.

Want 22.5 Gigs of Free Space with your dropbox account? Its easier then you think, they are giving it away but you need to know the secrets!

First, clicking this link will get you a free 500MB because its a referral, yep that was easy, so you can click that link, sign up and already you will go from the 2 Gigabytes up to 2.5 GB, pretty neat huh. **UPDATE they changed the rules slightly  not a big deal but you need to install the software after you folloe the link. You will be installing the software from THEIR site, not mine, some people thought I was hosting the software, but that wouldnt make sense, you should only download dropbox software from DROPBOX, it is the only way to insure it is legitimate. Its very stable. safe and following these directions is the ONLY way you can obtain the entire 22.5 Gigs, so make sure you sign up AND install the software or you will not get the entire amount of free space thats possible. I get credit too, so please help me out if you can by helping yourself out too.**UPDATE

After you have signed up, dropbox makes it pretty easy to get EVEN MORE space! Here are a few steps.

1. Complete 5 out of the 7 steps in the “getting started with Dropbox” on dropbox. They are simple. Things like “Take the Dropbox tour”, “Install Dropbox on your computer”, “Put files in your dropbox folder”,  “Install Dropbox on other computers you use”, “share a folder”, “invite friends”, and “install on your mobile device”, These are simple, quick little tasks that you can do. Remember you only need to complete 5 of them to earn 250 Megs FREE space!

2. Connect your FaceBook account for another 125 Megabytes FREE!

3. Connect your Twitter account for another 125 Megs FREE!

4. Follow Dropbox on Twitter for an additional 125 MB’s

5. Tell Dropbox why you love them, literally a word or sentence and you get another 125 Megs FREE!

Ok, so if you do all of the above, you will earn an additional of 750 MB’s for a grand total of 3.25 Gigs of Free Cloud Storage, but this is just the beginning, the real free space comes next!

6. Connect your camera to your computer and allow it to sync to dropbox. Just upload 2.5 Gigabytes and you will earn an additional 3 GB’s totally free! You don’t have to keep the pictures in there either, if you remove the pictures from dropbox, you get to keep the free space FOREVER!

So, now you just jumped up to 6.25 Gigabytes of FREE online storage! But wait, there is more!

7. This is the big one, with the Dropbox Free account you currently have, you can earn 16 GB more of totally FREE space by simply referring 32 people to dropbox. Once they signup and install dropbox you will earn 500 Megabytes for each referral!

So that brings your grand total too…drum role please…22.25 Gigs of the best online cloud storage available!

See, told you it was easy! Enjoy!


Get FREE Space!

Get FREE Space!

I went to the local grocery store to buy some smooth tasting Milwaukee’s Best Light, which used to be the most inexpensive beer you could buy. I noticed that now, it was nearly identical in price to Busch, Budweiser and Miller Lite! Being a discount type of guy (cheapskate, frugal?), I couldn’t help compare the prices of the different “packs” of Milwaukee’s Best light, since for some odd reason, I was actually craving that bitter, not so sweet taste.Better_than_FREE_Beer

This is when I realized, buying a 30 pack of these golden delicious beers yielded, well, 30 beers, for the astonishing price of $16.96. Which isn’t really too bad. Then I noticed if I bought three 12 packs of Milwaukee’s finest river water at $5.65 each, my before deposit total would be $16.95! So, 12 X 3 = 36, yep, they will actually pay you 1 red cent and give you SIX FREE BEERS! Surely, these 12 packs must be marked wrong I thought, so I ran over to a manager and begged him to verify this price! LOL, not really, I grabbed three 12 packs and high tailed it for the register ;-)

That, my friends, is Better than FREE Beer!