I went to the local grocery store to buy some smooth tasting Milwaukee’s Best Light, which used to be the most inexpensive beer you could buy. I noticed that now, it was nearly identical in price to Busch, Budweiser and Miller Lite! Being a discount type of guy (cheapskate, frugal?), I couldn’t help compare the prices of the different “packs” of Milwaukee’s Best light, since for some odd reason, I was actually craving that bitter, not so sweet taste.Better_than_FREE_Beer

This is when I realized, buying a 30 pack of these golden delicious beers yielded, well, 30 beers, for the astonishing price of $16.96. Which isn’t really too bad. Then I noticed if I bought three 12 packs of Milwaukee’s finest river water at $5.65 each, my before deposit total would be $16.95! So, 12 X 3 = 36, yep, they will actually pay you 1 red cent and give you SIX FREE BEERS! Surely, these 12 packs must be marked wrong I thought, so I ran over to a manager and begged him to verify this price! LOL, not really, I grabbed three 12 packs and high tailed it for the register ;-)

That, my friends, is Better than FREE Beer!