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If you changed your phone number or have not verified your number you might be having issues with the feature to send photos and videos directly to your timeline using email. Here is the fix.

First, verify your phone number with Facebook, yes I know, it has nothing to do with your phone number, but this is their rules!

Next, send a text message to 32665 (which is Facebook) with the word "photos" without the quotes.

That’s it, you will get a secret email address from Facebook. Send your photos or videos to that email address and they will show up on your timeline!

Magic, pure magic, I tell yah…

IOS 5 seems to be where the problem started or was first noticed. I am not going to go into details, just going to tell you how to fix video and pictures that get imported into windows upside down.
A lot of people might want to blame windows for this problem, sorry guys or gals, Apple chose to not rotate the pictures and instead add code to the exif information. So here is the simple fix, when you take a video or picture, simply make sure your volume buttons are down. I know this might seem strange, but it is the correct fix.

You can send the picture directly from your iphone and at that time your iphone will fix the photo, but if you use the import feature from your phone into windows, you will have to manually rotate the pictures unless you take the picture with the buttons down!