[dreams]Last night I was having an odd dream. I was dreaming about HeroBrine from MineCraft. Personally, I do not play Minecraft, but my kids do. In the dream, we were all sleeping, I could see downstairs like I was looking from a remote view. HeroBrine was stepping out of the TV. I wasn’t scared, but could tell that this was a scary person. He was Huge and seemed almost like a caveman. His Right foot was touching the floor, then he was stepping towards the stairs. Then I was suddenly woken up by my daughter (6 years old) busting into my room, scared. We told her to go back to bed, and she just kept saying she was scared. Was I walking in her dream?

This isn’t the first time, the last time I remember was about a week ago. I was dreaming I was covered in spiders, but again I wasn’t afraid. I do not like spiders, but my daughter is deathly afraid of them. Again, she burst into the room, scared from a nightmare. The next day, my wife told me she had a nightmare about spiders.

This has happened many many times. I think I am starting to recognize when its happening. After she went back to bed, I tried to force myself to have that dream again, but this time, I pretended I was watching my daughter kick his butt, all kinds of fancy karate moves. Everytime she hit him, he got smaller and smaller until he was this 6 inch toy looking thing. She then kicked him back into the TV. I don’t know if I had the dream or if I somehow gave her that dream.

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