Sometimes it is important to know what your external IP address is. Whether it is for use on your xbox, or a tech to remote into your computer it can be a handy bit of information. There is a lot of sites that give you that information but the best and fastest I have used is – its just straight forward, to the point, useful information without all the extra crap you don’t need.


An IP address is basically what a computer needs to get you where you are going. When you type in a human readable address like, a computer converts that to a number, for example currently translates to – now isnt it easier to remember instead of that number? Also, if Google needs to change that number they don’t have to inform millions of users, they just point to the new number. So that is with a website, but when you are on the internet, you to must have a number, so that when you try to go to the network, routers and servers know who you are and how to return the information you requested back to you. That, in a nutshell is an IP address :)


So give a shot, besides they have a really cute fat fairy on their site. :-)

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