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It is Day ten on busbar. I didn’t update for the weekend, so here it is, basically went well. Felt really good on Sunday (day 9). I’m not sure if it was because I accomplished a bunch of things I had been putting off, or if the busbar made it so I could accomplish those things. I am really tired today though, I don’t think is is from the buspirone, I just didn’t sleep well last night. Still no noticeable side effects that I can tell.

Well, 1 week on the Anti Anxiety meds, and I do feel better, I still have some moments, but seems to be getting better each day. I am noticing more and more when I have an "issue", like yelling or just anxious. Cant wait to get to two weeks.[medication]

Busbar Day 6

Day 6 on Busbar is going good. Couldn’t sleep very well last night, but not sure if that was just cause I had a lot on my mind. Cant really blame the medication. Overall, I feel ok, I had a moment earlier while I was talking to a coworker, that I felt like I was going to tear up a little, but I seemed to be able to control it better than recently. We were talking about a friend of his, nothing bad, just the mention of a friend, which would have made me cry before. So far, no side affects that I can tell.

Went to the Doctor 5 days ago and started taking the anti-anxiety medication Buspirone, also known as Busbar. I have been seeing a marriage counselor for about three months now with my wife. When we starting seeing the psychologist she gave us a bunch of tests. Some took hours to take, but the results came back that I had general anxiety. I was really surprised, I never thought I had anxiety at all. The next day I asked a coworker if he thought I showed any signs of anxiety, he didn’t hesitate for a second before saying “yes, most definitely”.

Still in denial, I continued to see the psychologist in hopes I would not need any medication. I couldn’t take it anymore, breaking down in tears, I asked my doctor if he could prescribe something for me. I had to ask my regular doctor since psychologist cant actually prescribe anything, they just can administer the tests. He too, determined I wasn’t depressed, but the anxiety was causing slight depression like symptoms.

Well, here I am, day 5, and I actually think I am feeling better already. I will continue to update this blog with my results or side effects.

For people that have ran into this problem, you need two files, this is incredibly easy to do, I am mostly posting it here for my own reference since I never see to be able to find this information when I need it lol. Here it is!

.inf files can only run an .exe, so you have to make a executable file that opens the .pdf which in turn the .inf can autorun.Open Notepad and type:


shellexecute = “start.bat”

icon = autorun.ico

Then open Notepad again and type:

then save it as start.bat

(without the brackets)

(If your filename has spaces in it, replace the spaces with an under_score)

If you changed your phone number or have not verified your number you might be having issues with the feature to send photos and videos directly to your timeline using email. Here is the fix.

First, verify your phone number with Facebook, yes I know, it has nothing to do with your phone number, but this is their rules!

Next, send a text message to 32665 (which is Facebook) with the word "photos" without the quotes.

That’s it, you will get a secret email address from Facebook. Send your photos or videos to that email address and they will show up on your timeline!

Magic, pure magic, I tell yah…

IOS 5 seems to be where the problem started or was first noticed. I am not going to go into details, just going to tell you how to fix video and pictures that get imported into windows upside down.
A lot of people might want to blame windows for this problem, sorry guys or gals, Apple chose to not rotate the pictures and instead add code to the exif information. So here is the simple fix, when you take a video or picture, simply make sure your volume buttons are down. I know this might seem strange, but it is the correct fix.

You can send the picture directly from your iphone and at that time your iphone will fix the photo, but if you use the import feature from your phone into windows, you will have to manually rotate the pictures unless you take the picture with the buttons down!

I am a huge Microsoft fan, and I have used skydrive for a while. OneDrive is just the new name for skydrive. Personally I prefer the name SkyDrive, but I think they changed it to “re-introduce” the service. The thing is that now you can get free space with it. I like free space :)

First step is following a link and you and myself will each get a 1/2 gig free. Sure it is nothing like my other posts, for example copy, which gives you 5 free gigs “IF” you follow my link, but hey free is free.

So here is the link to Microsofts OneDrive. Might as well follow the link and earn us both some free space…Don’t make the mistake I did and not follow a link…

If you want to look at some other alternatives, my favorite service is dropbox for the quality, but Copy gives you a lot of space, I mean a LOT, I have now over a HUNDRED GIGS for Totally free. It took me about a month to earn that space which I have been using for about half a year, and really I have not had any problems with the service at all, just attached to dropbox since I had them for years (I still use them). Check out this link and you can get free space right away and ONLY if you follow the links from the article. You decide, short read Dropbox Or Copy – the differences exposed…